Monday, March 31, 2008

A little bit more time up in B'more.

I just glanced in my planner, and it looks like we have another crazy week of doctors appointments planned.

We're headed to our audiologist Wednesday morning to get Christian's aids program to function properly with the FM System. That afternoon we have an Auditory Skills test at Hopkins. Thursday morning, we get to head back to Hopkins at 9am for our Psychological Evaluation. In between all of this, we have our Early Intervention weekly appointment and our ASL class.

It's weeks like this where I am so thankful for my "Tina Time". People always ask me "How do you keep it together going through all of this?". I FIRMLY believe that all Moms, regardless of what you are going through with your kids, need time to focus on themselves. I think my "Tina Time" makes me a better Mom and Wife. Maybe it's just a manicure here and there. Or meeting up with my girlfriends for Happy Hour. Or even designating one night during the week to scrapbook (MY OBSESSION). My time keeps me sane. Chuck has always supported me having my time, and always tries to help me find that time in our week. I try to do the same, working around HIS time (he much prefers softball and basketball over manicures and pedicures).

I know at some point, things WILL slow down, and won't be as crazy as they are now. Until then, I'll look forward to my glasses of Pinot, my crop-dates, and my mani-pedis.


Abbie said...

I'm very curious how they perform a psychological evaluation on a happy baby boy! :)

Christian's Mommy said...

Me too Abbie!