Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Update from Grumpyland

Christian did fantastic today---he is SUCH an incredible patient. I have to give the kid props :)

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I was out late with some of my girlfriends from the neighborhood, and didn't even go to bed until 11:30pm. We had to wake Christian up at 6:10, therefore ruling out any possibility of him even having the thawed Mommy Milk that I had for him. He was ok in the car, but started his chorus of "Baa Baaa" and vigorously signing "Milk" just when we hopped onto 95.

By the time we got to Hopkins, and navigated the massive campus to the pediatric neuro-radiology department, he was definitely hungry. I know how I feel when I am starving---I get cranky and snap at everyone. Christian definitely takes after me, as he was just a handful and kept signing "Milk" and "Eat". Poor kid. He probably thought we forgot about him.

The sedation was done by oral cholryl-hydrate, which definitely didn't taste good as it made him gag and freak out. You would think they would flavor it for these kids! After a bit of coaxing, rocking, and swaying, the monkey passed out and was taken away for the scan.

I peaked my head into the scan room just as they were starting the test. They had him wrapped up in a little bundle, and placed him in the massive machine. Even though he is such a big boy, he looked so small laying there. The nurse asked me to leave as soon as my eyes welled up. Of course, I cried---thank goodness Chuck is level headed and strong, or I think I would've shed a lot more tears than I did.

The test only took 10 minutes, and he was slowly coaxed awake by rubbing a wet washcloth on his face. He looked like a little drunk baby, with his head bobbing and swaying and his eyes opening and closing. He perked up when he was allowed to suck down 10 oz of his "Ba", the first thing in his tummy since 6:30pm last night. POOR KID!

So, the little hungover guy is home, resting and wobbling today. He's slept on and off, and he is recovering well. I'm glad we were able to get this test done so fast, and that he did so well with it. Here's hoping we won't have to sedate him again until if/when he gets his CI.


leahlefler said...

Glad to hear everything went well. And that the scan only took 10 minutes! Nolan's CT scan is on Tuesday and I'm majorly stressing about the food restriction thing. They'll allow him to nurse until 7:30am, but then he's not allowed any fluid (his scan is at 1:00pm). This kid usually nurses every 3 hours- I have a feeling this is going to be a LONG day.

Divided said...

Happy to know that all went well and hope it will continue throughout the process! I don't know if you've seen this mother's blog...her journey to adoption of a deaf child from China and her experience now with the recently CI implanted. It's a wonderful blog and I think you two will connect!! Here is her site:

Abbie said...

I'm glad that the lil monkey had an easy day with the Cat scan, how many more tests do you have to go through?

I love reading Grendels Kitchens blog too! She is so passionate!