Thursday, April 24, 2008

Better and Better everyday...

I just can't believe how great our little buddy is doing. His dressing came off yesterday, and while he is still in a bit of pain, he is back to his normal self. The kid is running around our backyard, eating ice cream sandwiches, giggling, and we even had a little temper tantrum. Ah yes, things are getting back to normal.

Yesterday evening, Chuck's parents treated us to an evening out. We hit up our favorite restaurant, drank a fabulous bottle of wine, and then visited our good friends for a night cap. It was nice to get out of a bit, and have a bit of adult time.

We're anxiously awaiting my parent's arrival here. They got caught up in the sinkhole drama on I-70 today, so their trip from home is taking a bit longer than expected. I can't wait to spend time with them, and to have my Mom give me a mani!

We get to give Christian a spongebath tonight....should be interesting!


The Pink Totebag said...

So good to see you guys for a bit last night! Anytime you need diversion and a cocktail, I'm your girl! Sounds like Christian is bouncing back even more - so exciting! I'm glad that he's feeling good. Hope your parents made it in okay, and I'm glad to hear that they weren't actually IN the sink hole... Smooches!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Sounds like things are going saaammmoooooothly! So happy for you. Christina... keep doing the couples thing and really good idea to get away. Kiss that monkey for me, ADORABLE in his jammies. Jodi

Jim said...

I live in an area that have I-70 but must not be my area otherwise I would have heard about it.

The time getting for your family and I am sure you are looking forward to that day.