Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Like a Mother Lion...

I'm in full Mommy-Defensive Mode.

Looks like my blog got picked up on the forums on and we were a bit misrepresented regarding our CI journey.

BTW, I am writing this post as I prepare to yet again drive up to Baltimore for more testing for my kid. I just hope the folks who thought that we were taking this decision lightly and were rushing into something are reading my blog archives. There has been NOTHING in our journey that has been rushed. And driving up to Baltimore 2-3 times a week for the past 7 weeks definitely is not my cup of tea.


leahlefler said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say-it is amazing what people come up with. You, have completely investigated all angles and made the best decision for your son. I can't believe anyone would think otherwise!

I think there is a big misunderstanding (after reading this individual's comment) that deaf or hoh kids may "regain" hearing in the first year or so of life. Not so! Some kids will show improvement of threshold with aids as the aids are programmed over time and the baby learns that sound has meaning. This doesn't mean that their hearing has been magically restored. And an aided threshold below a certain level means many sounds of speech are out of range.

It would seem there is a lot of misinformation out there!

Porter said...

Fantastic response on that forum. Although, I think you were being pretty well defended by a few people prior to your response. It's amazing how someone can read one post on your blog and then pass (and publish) judgment on you, your family and your decisions.

Drew's Dad said...

I tried repeatedly in that thread to help some of those people understand that you never suggested his hearing had "come back".

Unfortunately, that little fact was ignored because it was too good of an opportunity to put down parents who decided that a CI would be proper for their child.

Christian's Mommy said...

Drew's Dad---I know, THANK YOU for backing us up. I just get so frustrated with all this misinformation out there!

Leah, you are right. There definitely is a misunderstanding.

Sandra said...

There will always be people who judge your decision. I know my husband and I have.
You do not need to defend any choices you are making for your son. You are doing what is best, since you know him best.

Getting our daughter implanted at the age of 16 months is the best thing we ever did for her.

Mom to Toes said...

Tina, I admire your restraint on that site!

I used to be a frequent visitor, but I just couldn't take it. My Mother Lion thing just got out of control a few too many times.

(Drew's Dad, I am glad to see you're still putting up the fight!)

You're doing an amazing job with Christian.

Tales from the CI Gal said...

I want to say sorry for not putting up more of a fight. I should have come to your blog or e-mailed you when I saw that they posted it.

Also it is not just children and parents that this site judges, but the adult CI users too. I went to the site after I was implanted. I feel like each day I have to explain my choices, thank goodness everyday life is not like this. For someone who has been through it, you are such a strong family and it is an exhausting process.

My mom told me this - when you look back at your childhood, I hope you see I raised you to see your ability. Don't let others only see your disability.

Cagey said...

GRRRR... I am VERY annoyed reading those comments. How DARE they? Perfect strangers questioning the decisions you made for YOUR child? Some of the comments went over the line, in my opinion.

Try to move on and know that you are simply trying to do right by your child. Regardless of what others may think.

Cagey said...

I am sorry - I should have mentioned where I was coming from. One of my childhood friends made the decision to do the CI for her daughter when she was quite young. Her daughter is now in high school and is doing so well, living pretty much just like any other teenager.

On a larger level, it is simply rude for those folks to attack you in such a manner for a parenting decision that is YOURS. Not theirs. It is obvious from your blog that you love your child and only want the best for him.

Abbie said...

I just happened to notice that skullchick did that. Perhaps if she was in your shoes she would understand. I'm sorry that she did that.

Amy said...

Abbie, Tina and everyone else,
Please read my most recent post I posted yesterday in that thread it explain more about my feeling and about all of this to this all stuff.
I had no intention to makes it to turn out like this it was a major misunderstanding, I apologize. But unfortunately Alldeaf does not have edit or delete option I couldn't do anything about it. :-(