Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Activation Day Update!

Wow. I am beat. But I am also thanking God, and relying on this insane Adrenalin that has been pumping through my entire body today.It just seems so completely surreal that this is all happening, and that my little baby (who really isn't quite the little baby anymore), has a Cochlear Implant. Wow. He has a CI, which in my opinion, is a beautiful miracle.

In a nutshell, he did fantastic. What we thought would be a 2 hour long appointment, only lasted about 50 minutes. Our audiology team is great about maximizing time with busy toddlers, so we immediately jumped into testing the connection and the processor, and then to activation. Christian's reaction to the CI was very low key. Just as our audiologist turned it on, he looked up, and then grabbed his coil and threw it off. We took this as a good sign. He did so well during the appointment, that we made an impromptu trip to the National Aquarium afterwards---what a great language opportunity!

We learned that his implant has 4 programs, and we were to gradually turn on each program throughout the day. Our audiologist told us that he may be really tired today, as his auditory nerve was going to be stimulated in a way that it never was before.

We received all of the gear that came along with the processor---my goodness. The box we left with is as big as luggage, and you should SEE all of the gizmos and gadgets in it! Christian also received a very special koala that has a CI. As soon as I am done writing this, we're actually heading downstairs to watch the DVD that came with all of this stuff.

We were told to be prepared for a bit of a regression, which we have noticed. Christian is not wearing his left hearing aid right now, as he needs to learn how to listen with his CI, which we're told, is a completely different sound than what he is used to hearing. I want to reiterate that Christian's CI is not a cure, nor is it an instant-fix. He is Deaf, and he needs to learn how to hear all over again. He's not turning to his name. He's not turning to our voices or our laughs as he did wearing his aids. He did repeat the word "Banana" and "Apple" today, which brought tears to my eyes. We know that this is going to be a long road, and a different type of journey than what we've been on. We're ready. And we're waiting to see just how wonderful Christian does.

We're heading back up to Hopkins tomorrow, for our next appointment. I will make sure that I post another update! Thanks to everyone for the love, support, and prayers. I promise I will respond to everyone's emails when I have a bit more rest and time on my side.

We're having some technical difficulties posting the activation video...in the meantime, check out these pictures from today:


Laurie said...

So glad to hear today went well! Can't wait to hear more! I'm sure what Christian is doing is normal. . .the sounds will settle in after a few days or so. Just take one day at a time!

Take care,

tammy jean said...

Congrats on a great day and happy "hearing" birthday to Christian! What an exciting journey ahead of you all! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we can't wait to read about each step! Thank God for these miracles and the amazing lessons learned through the journeys past and the journeys ahead!

elizabeth said...


Abbie said...

I'm so glad that I got to read the update before I went to bed! Christian sounds like he actually did a great job! They are super conservative with cranking up the power on babies... Today was just the first day of many days :)

Jennifer said...

I've been waiting for this! I'm so thrilled that he's doing so well! I can't wait to see what great things are ahead for the little one!!
The pictures are darling :). I can hardly wait to see the video too!

Anne Marie said...

That's good to know that activation is not that distressing.

One thing I have been noticing my son Noam becomes more responsive to sounds with hearing aids, his name calling at about the same time when we see him start signing more. Interesting..it seems whatever development finally occurs at time of neurological maturation meaning this child is ready to use new word now and on.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Yayyyyyy!!!!! Christina...rest. I'm really happy it was a good experience, the Aquarium photo is adorable. I can see Christian "chucking" that processor like a champ! Really, really happy that you have reached where you wanted to be and you are miraculously still in one piece...never doubted that for a minute. Hugs, Jodi

Drew's Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went well today. You are in for some really exciting times!

I love the picture of Christian and the fish - he makes a really, really good fish face.

Also, we noticed that Drew was A LOT more tired right after activation! Christian may sleep a lot longer at night and take a much longer nap during the day. Enjoy the extra "you" time!

Val said...

Yea! You're gonna be busy guys, hearing many many new sounds, he may get exhausted at the end of the day, so pile up and take a big nap and start learning to listen again.

leahlefler said...

What an awesome day- though long and tiring for everyone concerned! I love the pictures- he sure is a cute little guy!

Mom to Toes said...

WTG Christian! It sounds like his activation was a great success.

I love the photos. He is getting to be so big!

Isn't that box of equipment insane? Somehow we managed to merge the second box into the first after we got Erin's second implant. I couldn't imagine having two of those things wedged in her closet. Haha!

Christian's Mommy said...

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes. We're taking it just one day at a time...but he seems to be adjusting well...really well :)