Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now What?

I was telling some of the Margarita Mommas the other night that now that we're past the surgery, and the drama that preceded it, that I seriously am at at a loss. I've lived Christian's first 15 months (and my first 15 months as a new Mom) on edge. If I wasn't pressing doctors for answers or appointments, I was researching communication options. I was using all my free time to learn ASL, Cued Speech, and to connect with other D/HOH families. I watched countless activation videos on YouTube. I made books, binders, and flash cards. I completely immersed myself.

So, I found something else to immerse myself in: PRESCHOOL. What else was I supposed to do during this amazing downtime that we have between surgery and activation? I wasn't about ready to chill and hang out at Starbucks and go shopping at Nordies (although I have made sure to book more cocktails and scrapbooking nights as of late).

Our county has a wonderful program that starts at age 3 for D/HOH kiddos. The preschool is fantastic. However, other than a toddler group that meets twice a week with parents and our home visits, there is nothing else for Christian between 18-24 months (not counting his weekly therapy through Hopkins).I've been looking into a school that integrates both hearing and D/HOH children that partners with our CI Center as a possible resource for us and I requested some information for their 2 year old program and their therapists as well. I'm just trying to get all the information I can. And I know, I am obsessing.


michelle said...


call or email...I'd be happy to share our experiences at the River School. Tommy's been there since he was in parent/infant group at 10 weeks and is in their 2 year old program now. Hang in there - everyone says that these first years are the hardest - especially all the decisions. - my other email is down.

hope to hear from you -
michelle brown

Mom to Toes said...

What a great idea for something new to occupy yourself!

I am so envious, though. We have NO options in my area for deaf education, much less oral deaf education. :(

I think I need to move.

leahlefler said...

Good luck with your preschool research! Wow- it won't be long until he's bringing home masterpieces of glue and glitter!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina! You have already done everything right! I have enjoyed viewing your site. Congratulations! Before you spend any money on pricey preschool education, remember that YOU are your baby's primary teacher. You are working for love, not money. Use these precious months to interact with your son as any obsessive mother would. Play with him, tickle him, talk to him, sing to him, take him places that you go to (Giant, Nordstrom, Starbuck's, etc.) so that he can hear what is in his world. Now that sound is being pumped into his developing brain, let him hear authentic sounds of life. You are able to teach your baby how to talk because you have all of the teachable moments that a teacher or a therapist just does not have. Do not buy into the notion that "I am just his mom and I am not a professional so therefore I have to hire experts to teach him everything." This is crap! You should avail yourself of professional advice, counseling and tips, but you have what it takes to help your baby talk, grow, develop his personality and soar. Think of him as your son, not as a deaf child. Don't let his disability define who he is. He is a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful little boy who will grow up to be a competent and confident man one day. Babies are a gift. Enjoy unwrapping all of the surprises that are contained in him.

Joyce Visnick, Sarah's friend

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Christina...DON'T lose yourself. Remember that. Jodi

Roberta MB said...

Have you thought sending him to two programs/schools -- The River School and Kendall School at the Clerc Center? This allows your son to remain bilingual and ensures that he gets best of everything. Some of my daughter's classmates who are turning 2 this fall will attend Kendall, which has one of the best PIP programs in the nation, two days a week while going to the River School during the remaining three days of the week.

As I mentioned earlier to you, many folks, including parents who have DHoH children at the River School start off at Kendall's PIP.

This is just a thought...