Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3rd Activation

Ok, let me start this post saying that I was fully prepared to video today's appointment, but Christian decided that today was going to be his day to test all of our patience and reflexes. The kid was a terror today! I wasn't on my A-game, either. I stayed up WAY late watching my Red Wings lose in what should've been a Stanley Cup win. I brought what I thought was our spare processor to be programmed as well, but it was just the controller. Where was my head this morning?

We did booth testing, and he did manage to sit still and have some great repeatable responses. Prior to the implant, he was hearing at 45db in low to mid, and then had a drastic drop in the highs, only getting about 75db aided. Today, he was at 35db across the board. WOW!!! We're making progress, and I'm amazed that he can now hear all these high frequency sounds that he has NEVER had access to. No wonder he is having a hard time recognizing his name. I can only imagine what "Christian" sounded like with his aids.

Our audi also gave us 4 new MAPs, 2 for normal listening environments, and 2 for noisy environments. We'll go back in a month (hooray, a month off!). Until then, we're talking non-stop, which isn't that hard for me, working on our Ling Sounds, and just trying to get him acclimated with the new and strange sounds he is probably hearing.


Laurie said...

Christian is clearly a BOY! Sorry he decided to test you today. Congratulations on the hearing test results! Those are good! And will only get better!

Keep working on those sounds. . .any sound is better than no sound. :)

Abbie said...

Wow, 35dB! That is certainly big boy levels! :)

Val said...

and he's so young too, this is all new. He may just not be responding to the sounds lower than 35 db yet. Once he gets used to all those soft sounds, after you let him know they are there, he'll be able to even go lower. I'm not sure how low they will "let" him go, audios are different. He's in a much better spot at 35 across the board anyway. Keep up the good work mom! and Christian

leahlefler said...

Another Wings fan? Game 6 is tonight, and I'm still suffering the after-effects from game 5! Hockey hangover, if you will. Three overtimes is a bit much!

Sounds like Christian is doing great!

Christian's Mommy said...

I know...I need to be patient and just keep on working with him.

Laurie-You are SO right. I always need to remember that :)

Leah-I know, I am STILL so tired from staying up until 1am watching that game. My best friend from home was there, and she is 5 months pregnant...I can't imagine how tired she is!