Thursday, July 24, 2008


I know that I have a million and one reasons to claim that our family is lucky. Our baby boy is healthy. We live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood. We have a wonderful family, we have fabulous friends, and we have a deep and strong faith.

This morning, Chuck and I were chatting, and I casually mentioned to him how we are hosting a playgroup of children with CIs from Christian's school that he'll be attending this fall. We both were just amazed on how lucky and fortunate we are to be able to have access to the best of the best for our little boy. We live in an area that has so many wonderful resources for our son. If we would have chose to send him to the Maryland School for the Deaf, it's 20 minutes away. Gallaudet University is across the state line in DC. One of the best CI centers in the country, is just up the road in Baltimore. Our wonderful preschool that we'll be sending Christian to has one of the most innovative oral/deaf programs in the country. Our Early Intervention program is fantastic, and we have an amazing support group of other parents of D/HOH and CI children.

I always reflect back at the beginning of my journey with Christian's hearing loss, when the days were so dark, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any hope or light. I wish I could've looked in a crystal ball at our future. I would've seen how happy and well our little boy was doing. I would've seen all the opportunities that we had access to. I would've seen that despite our challenges, we really are the luckiest.

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