Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate good-byes

Right after Christian was born, I made the decision to not return to my full-time job. While I loved my work and my co-workers, I couldn't bear to be away from my baby. Several months later, when we learned the depth and the severity of Christian's hearing loss, I knew I made the right decision. I had to be at home with my son. I was able to find several clients and start working from home 20 hours a week. I just needed to find someone to help me out at home while I worked a couple of hours in my office.

The moment Chuck and I met Arina, we knew we found our girl. A recent Notre Dame graduate, with a strong Catholic faith and a dynamic personality. She was getting her Masters, and absolutely loved children. We hired her immediately.

Arina has been with us for every up and down with our journey with Christian. She's learned sign language, she can switch out hearing aid and CI batteries, trouble shoot error messages, and even practice Ling sounds with him. She sings him songs, plays fun games with him, and has taught him so much. When you have a kid with special needs, you don't need any more things in your life to stress out about. The days that Arina is here to help, Christian is always so happy. He thrives when she is around.

As much as we would've loved to have her forever, after Arina graduated this May, we knew she would be on a search for the perfect full-time job. She called us last week and told us that she found one. So this week is our last week with her. We are so happy for her, but also sad that we won't be seeing her as frequently. She has become such an important part of our family. She has always been so committed to Christian's success, and has done everything that she could do to become a part of his world. When Arina is here, I know I have nothing to worry about. We're so proud of her accomplishments, and we love her very much.

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