Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Should Make You Smile...

On this VERY monumental and VERY serious day in our Nation's history, I decided rather than posting a VERY serious blog, that I would post this little video of my little guy dancing. Regardless of who you're voting for today, this should put a smile on your face.

Check out Christian dancing and grooving, and then stubbing his toe to Laurie Berkner. I never thought I would see my deaf little boy dance and enjoy music. And with the miracle of the Cochlear Implant, he can! :)

(Be sure to disable the music on the blog before you play. Scroll down to the right and click stop)

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AJ's Mom said...

This did make me smile :) One thing that I think we tend to take for granted: hearing music....

Please visit AJ's blog:
http://ajsawesomedadventure.blogspot.com. November 6th's post might interest you :)