Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Language Explosion!

It always seems to coincide every time Christian is around my parents. I do come from a family of talkers, and grew up in a house that was never, ever, it does make sense. Since last week, Christian has done the following (in addition to using some new and very interesting words):

-Combined 3 words into sentences spontaneously
-Produced the "T' sound

Can I just remind everyone that he is JUST 6 months post activation!

I'm having a really hard time keeping track of all of Christian's words. Everyday he has several new ones. In the past week, we've heard consistently:

-Santa (Danta)
-Christmas Tree (Chree-ma Tree)
-Joseph (Jo-peh)
-Oh Boy!

And, most importantly, my Mom, who is part Polish, part Belgian, taught Christian to say "Let's Go" in Polish. It sounds like "Ya-Ja BO". And Christian is using it, properly and in context.



Melanie said...

WOW and WOW again. Great work, Mommy and Christian.

Bright Family said...

I love reading your updates! Your little man is doing so well; although, as wrong as it is, I'm a bit jealous. Will we ever get that /t/ sound?

You all are doing such a great job!

Sandra said...

It sounds like he is doing great! I used to keep track of our daughter's signs until she had too many to keep track of. Then I started writing down the words she said until she started talking up a storm and I couldn't keep up :-)

leahlefler said...

WOW. He's going to be bilingual in Polish and English, lol! I love it!

Watching those words develop is just amazing. They seem to come out of nowhere!