Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Imaginative Play

Over the past couple of months, I've really noticed Christian's imagination just blossom. Just as every 2 year old boy does, Christian makes sound effects for all of his vehicles. He makes them crash into the wall, and almost always exclaims "Oh no, car! CRASH!". He is completely obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with fire trucks. For his 2nd birthday, he got this amazing fire house set from Fisher-Price.. It is set up in a little nook in our kitchen, and is officially his favorite toy. He has named all of the firemen, with the help of his Nana and Daddy (Joe, Mike, and Leroy). I hear him throughout the day making Joe do various things such as "Go up the ladder Joe". My favorite is when he puts Mike on this trap door and says "Down the hatch Mike". He'll make up long audible stories about these firemen and all the things they do at the firehouse. I found them all laying down on the top floor, and he said "Firemen are taking a nap. Firemen sleepy".

My favorite is when he plays with his friends and they make up little scenes in the firehouse with their guys. He handed one of the firemen to his friend the other day and asked him to "Put Mike down the pole...Weee".

I can't help but just smile and laugh listening to my deaf son play like this. I never thought that I would hear him play and use the vocabulary necessary for this type of play. It makes me proud, and I feel so blessed to witness yet another Cochlear Implant miracle day after day.


leah said...

That is so wonderful! He has a great vocabulary (using a word like hatch!) and I just love the imaginary play.

The Pink Totebag said...

Um, this is seriously the cutest thing I have read in a LONG time...