Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One more hurdle

Tomorrow we're heading to Hopkins for Liliana's ABR. Although we received the genetic testing results that ruled out hearing loss due to Connexin 26, we wanted to cover all of our bases. We feel that the ABR will give us the full picture regarding Lily's hearing.

I remember finally getting to Hopkins for Christian's ABR. I knew in my heart that he couldn't hear me, but having our audiologist there actually confirm it was so difficult. I remember literally feeling my heart break into a million pieces.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I am far more ready for the results than I ever was with Christian. It is much easier knowing that she passed the hearing screen in the hospital and her genetic screen came back clear. Most of all, the experience with Christian these past 2 years has prepared me to deal with whatever the results are. I know whatever happens, she will be ok.


Connor's Mom said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope that things go well for Lily!


leah said...

I hope everything goes smoothly! It's always a good idea to check siblings' hearing- we had Matt's hearing tested twice because of his speech delay. His hearing is fine, but with the speech delay and hard of hearing brother, it's always in the back of our minds!

Mandie said...

Crossing our fingers for you! Although I know if she does end up with hearing loss, she's in really good hands!