Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrating Surgery

A good friend of mine just learned that her little boy, who has struggled with a progressive hearing loss, is now finally a candidate for a Cochlear Implant. I was overjoyed for her family, and am so excited to see how well he does once he's activated. And just two weeks ago, one of Christian's classmates received his second CI. We were equally as excited for this little guy's family, and know he is going to adjust just fine to now having two ears.

As a parent of a child with a Cochlear Implant (who is doing absolutely remarkable), I can't help but get excited and celebrate when other children will be given the gift of sound. I see how amazing the technology really is, and how it has completely changed my family's life. I am so thankful for Christian's implant, and will always celebrate his gift of hearing.


Val said...

yea, so exciting!!

michelle b said...

just stumbled on this and of course I'm in tears! I appreciate all your support and can't wait for Christian to show Tommy the CI "ropes!" need adult beverages ASAP