Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!

Well, it is until he starts his camp at Gallaudet next week!

Today was Christian's last day of school. I have to admit, I got a bit teary eyed as I walked out of the classroom for the last time this year. His school, and especially his teachers, have become such an important part of our family. He has made leaps and bounds since he started last year.

Here he is on his first day of school this past August:

And here he is, my big boy, on his last day today enjoying the Caterpillar cupcakes I made for the class:

Christian started school just 3 months post activation, and entered the classroom speaking one and two words together. He is now speaking in 5-7 word sentences and testing above his hearing peers. Not only has his language skills taken off, but Christian's social skills just bloomed. He's also been my social butterfly, but he really has picked up on important social cues (something that we parents of Deaf kids worry about). While it's been such a tremendous financial and emotional sacrifice for our family to send him to his school, Christian's progress shows us just how important it has been in his rehab. I am so excited for him to attend 5 days next year!

Christian and his in-classroom SLP. He absolutely adores her, and she is really one of the best!

Christian and his teacher, who he loves. We are going to miss all of her fun songs!

A little gift from the class for being a room parent. I love it!

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The Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

Wow! He really has grown up this year, hasn't he? Congrats to you both on getting through your first school year!