Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Those are 5 words that I never thought I would say to my profoundly deaf son. But, after a 7.5 hour long car ride down to North Carolina from our home I was just about fried.

In our family, language is always fostered and often rewarded. I know I'm the crazy Mom who has tracked his sentence progression (noting proper use of pronouns, prepositions, negations...the works...), but it's really helped me tackle certain language limitations. Christian is way past the cutesy little babbling. Now it's full on conversations. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being able to sit down and just ask him "What was your favorite part of today?", and he'll start up a 5 minute long narration about how he particularly enjoyed going to camp at Miss Emily's, but didn't like when Lily decided to chew on his arm. I love watching his imagination at work, especially when he just decides to start making up songs about pirates, firetrucks, and donuts. However, after about 3 hours in the car with NONSTOP question asking, conversations, and songs, I needed some peace and quiet. When I asked him to be quiet and to give Mommy and Daddy a break so we could just listen to the radio, he proceeded to tell me "Mommy, you just need to calm down".

Just another Cochlear Implant Miracle...


Vivie said...

That in just short 14 months?W-O-W!

And his response to just calm down had me cracking up HARD!he's teaching you to thank god for miracles , isn't he?

He sure is awesome! Hug him from me Christina!

leah said...

Oh, my! That is pretty funny. I think I would have burst out laughing with the "calm down" comment. We have the same "problem" (a problem that I am so happy to have)- Nolan will start talking, and sometimes won't let up until we finally tell him to quiet down. I promised I would never do that, but the boy can talk like you wouldn't believe (and sometimes he won't stop to listen because he's talking so much).

Rock on, Christian! You're doing great!

Dorie said...

I am also the parent of a child with a CI (he's 11 now, and doing GREAT, btw). I will never forget the first time we had to ask him to be quiet! It was a similar story...long car ride and lots of questions. We, of course, were secretly thrilled, after wondering if he would ever learn to talk! There are still times I wish he'd learn when to keep his mouth shut (especially when he's arguing and talking back!), but it was all worth it to hear him say, "oh, come ON, Mom!"

I have enjoyed following your journey for the past month or so. It reminds me so much of our journey with Jake. (He also went to the River School from 01-03...we live in St. Louis, now...small world!)

The Pink Totebag said...

HA HA!!! Caroline says that to me sometimes, too! "Just calm down Mommy, and take a deep breath." They both watch alot of Noggin - maybe that has something to do with it??? Don't ever tell me that t.v. has no educational value! Hee hee! Have a great vacation, and we will see you soon!

Ermon said...

Tina, that is just awesome! He has learned so quickly. You are doing a great job with him. Thanks for the story.