Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Signing Lily!

Get out the baby book! I am proud to report that Liliana Grace signed her first word yesterday!

While getting a bottle ready for her, big brother Christian stepped up to her high chair and said "Lily, this is how you sign milk!" (and then showed her). She got all excited, turned at me with the bottle in hand, and signed it back!

Signing has always bridged language in our house. In our early days with Christian, we would introduce new vocabulary and concepts by signing AND saying them. While our focus has always been on listening and speaking, signing has always had a place in our family. Signing is like a game now with Christian. Although he communicates completely in spoken english, he still likes to explore new signs. I've never seen signing as a hinderance in his language acquisition. Rather, it's been a complete bridge to spoken language. I'm excited to teach Lily ASL (we're skipping the baby signs, for obvious reasons!), and can't wait to see what she does with it as a hearing baby!


tammy said...

Yay Lily! With such an awesome big brother as her teacher, no wonder she's signing already!

leah said...

Yay, Lily! We used sign as a bridge, too. Nolan still receptively understands sign, but far prefers to speak, so we've been dropping a lot of the sign. We have kept some, but that kid likes to talk!