Friday, August 28, 2009

Slow it down, sweetheart...

Christian's language is absolutely amazing. I could go on and on and brag about his advanced vocabulary and how he is actually carrying on full conversations. He really makes me proud! However, my superstar has his moments of garbled articulation and smushed phrases.

One of my favorite examples is how he says 'Fire Engine". He knows how to say it right. Yet, when he's really excited or in between tasks, it comes out as "Fire-gine". What happened to the "en"? Our SLPs and TOD tell us that this really isn't a hearing loss issue it's a 2 year old issue. However, I still have to stop and ask him to repeat the phrase. If I ask him to slow down and look at me, he takes a break and really thinks about what he is trying to say. I also try to model the phrase or word correctly and have him look directly at me. We've gotten to a point with this exercise where he will just auto-correct himself when I say "Slow it Down". Of course, he thinks it's a game!

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