Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ladies and Gentleman...we have the /F/ Sound!!!!

We've been waiting. We've been working. And yesterday, out of the blue, we had this exchange:

Christian: Mommy, cut my cheese stick please?
Mommy: Buddy, you can just bit it, it's ok.
Christian: Mommy, you use a kniFe to cut it. Please!
Mommy: Seriously, Christian you don't need....OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! SAY IT AGAIN! SAY KNIFE! YOU DID IT! SAY IT AGAIN!

His initial /f/ is still a bit weak...but we're getting there!



AJ's Mom said...

Go Christian!!!!!! That's awesome!

leah said...

Yay for the /f/ sound! Better be careful about the words you say in traffic from now on, lol!

The Pink Totebag said...

Even my three-year-old, hearing daughter has a lot of trouble with /F/, especially as the initial consonant in a word. He's AMAZING, Tina. Keep up the good work, Buddy!!!