Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lee Woodruff

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Lee Woodruff speak at Christian's school. She very generously donated her time, and all proceeds benefited the scholarship fund which directly assists the kids with hearing loss. She has a new book out, Perfectly Imperfect, and I urge all Moms (especially those of us with children with hearing loss) to check it out.

Lee shared her story of dealing with the personal tragedy of having her husband, ABC anchor Bob Woodruff, severely injured in a roadside bomb. She also shared with us her story of learning her daughter had a hearing loss, and how she slowly was able to get past the grief of her daughter's hearing loss, and see it as a different ability.

AG Bell just announced that Lee will be the key note at their annual convention this year. I hope everyone has a chance to hear this remarkable woman. She's been through what we all have gone through with our kids, and has a truly inspiring perspective.

*A side note to all my Hopkins CI Mommas, Dr. Niparko was there last night touring our newly renovated facilities. Of course I made it a point to brag to him about how well our kids are doing and how they are THRIVING at the school!


tammy said...

I wanted to attend this so bad, but knew with older kid's activities, my hubby working late, and Aiden it just wouldn't work. I can't wait to read her book though. That's great you got to talk to Dr. Niparko too!!

Melanie said...

Looks amazing. I am definitely going to order the book!