Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love this child...

Christian is really into imaginative play these days, and in addition to pretending he's Spiderman, a fireman, and a Monster Truck, he also likes to play "store". Usually, he pretends he's at Target, and he buys cleaning products (welcome to my life). Today, however, he was at a different store:

Christian: Mommy! I'm going to go to Hopkins to buy you a CI. You want pink?
Mommy: Speechless, tears welling, and laughing!
Christian: Ok, Mom. You get pink!

First of all, I am STILL verklempt. Second of all, he knows me too well. Of course I would want the new hot pink Nucleus 5 processor!


leah said...

I love it! I clicked on the link and it looks like they have all sorts of colors- including soccer balls! Very cool!

Laurie said...

How cute and precious! Christian sounds so thoughtful!