Friday, September 11, 2009

Screw the iPhone or new Flat Screen TV. I want THIS!

We have no idea when we'll be eligible for the upgrade (no additional surgery is needed), but I am completely obsessed with Cochlear's NEW implant system, the Nucleus 5.

It has increased water resistance, which is my number one gripe concerning Christian's current CI (also made by Cochlear). It looks smaller, sleeker, and it has a lot of flexibility. I hope that the upgrade information is released soon so we can start to budget!

If you're going to be implanted with the Nucleus 5, or if you have a little one who will be, please keep me posted!


Mom to Toes said...

I want the new iPhone (my 3G means nothing to me anymore) AND the flat screen AND the Nucleus 5 for Toes.

Being a gadget junkie does not serve me well as Mom to a CI kid. I suspect I'll go through this dilemma every three years for the rest of my life. Haha!

Morgan's Mommy said...

We want it too!!!! I guess my TV is going to have to wait too. It will be totally worth it though.

tammy said...

One month after I got my iPhone they came out with the new one ... drove me nuts! and now this! I was hoping that since we're 6 months into the CI world and still under warranty they'd trade them out ... for FREE?!? haha! wishful thinking huh?

Laurie said...

I would LOVE to have the Nucleus 5! It looks so awesome and so sleek! But am grateful for what I have!