Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I always have said how important my support system of friends has been throughout this whole journey with Christian. With all of this drama with our IEP process and preschool placement next year I certainly have been relying on the troops to lend an ear and advice. I love being able to just hit speed dial and call a girlfriend when I need to just get something off my chest. They all have their own "stuff" going on, whether it's with work, family, their own kids, or even school. None of these girlfriends are going through what I happen to be going through, yet they all have stuck by me and continue to help me through. Some don't even have kids. They are consistent, they laugh with me, they cry with me, and they love both of my kids. I love how we can catch up quickly on the phone while I'm on the way to pick-up from school and they are taking a break at the office. I love how I get random emails checking in on how a certain meeting went, when I know they are traveling for 2 weeks straight. They pop by on their way home from a walk to just say hi, or shoot me an Instant Message to get my mind off of things to tell me about what Jon and Kate are doing. They pitch in when I'm in a jam, even though they have the craziest schedules ever. They let me come over and just plop on their couch with a glass of wine so I can actually have some adult time. They are my sanity, and I am so thankful for them.

Last night however, I had dinner and drinks with a girlfriend who knows EXACTLY what I'm going through. We met what seems like eons ago, and her son also has a hearing loss. They live in our county, sent their son to Christian's current school, and their little guy was implanted this past summer. She knows exactly what type of stress we're feeling, and knows why I'm so worried. It is so nice to not feel so alone in this journey when you know there are other Moms laying awake at night worrying about lost batteries and CI programming. It also helps that we both love our Meritage, we both married Irish-Catholic hunks, and we both are passionate Mediterranean women. I am so thankful for our friendship, and I am so glad that our boys will have each other as they grow.

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misha aloi brown said...

OMG - just read this and now I'm crying...

need to see you all :)