Monday, November 2, 2009


Our house was hit with H1N1 last week, but thank goodness, I was the only one who got it! Fevers, chills, and aches and pains struck me down on Tuesday night and I pretty much was laid out until this past Saturday morning. So, I'm sorry for not posting last week!Thank goodness Chuck was able to take some time off and be Mr. Mom. He took Christian To and FROM school, fed, bathed, and even took my place as Room Mom at Christian's party (he was Room Dad) on Friday. How many husbands would bake and frost cupcakes for their preschooler? Yeah, mine did!

So, most of Halloween week was a bust for me. I missed the Halloween party and parade at school, and we had to cancel our HUGE Halloween party that we throw every year. Luckily by Saturday I was well enough to carve pumpkins in the morning and eventually even see Christian and Lily off Trick or Treating. I was so disappointed that I wasn't well for Liliana's 1st Hallween!

I always am amazed at the rate of Christian's progress, but holidays make it even so much more apparent. I always look back and think about how he was this time last year. This Halloween, I was so proud of Christian, not just for his awesome language comprehension and use, but also for how he has turned into my sweet little man. He was so excited to see his friends in costume, often telling them "I love your costume! I'm a pirate! Argh". I heard him have several exchanges with his peers in the neighborhood and my heart was so full of joy. Christian's CI has not only given him the opportunity to listen and speak, but to also be HEARD. One of my biggest fears when we were given Christian's diagnosis of his hearing loss, was that he was going to live a quiet lonely life, and relationships with friends would be difficult. My little guy is Mr. Social, who thrives with his peers, and loves to play with his friends. He UNDERSTANDS their conversations, initiates play, and is full of wit and laughter. Such a miracle.


leah said...

Ugh- sorry you got hit by the flu! It is really rampant in our area, too. Thank goodness for good husbands!

Christian's language is amazing- and Liliana was cute for Halloween! The holidays are so much fun with kids.

JessicaAPISS said...

What a fabulous site. So glad you found me on Twitter so I could find you. Subscribed and adding you to my blogroll too!


tammy said...

What a wonderful husband! I'm glad you're feeling better, be careful, it's a long recovery. I just got hit with upper respiratory, which I'm hearing is not uncommon after the H1N1.

You're little darlings are adorable! LOVE their costumes and their smiles!