Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Signing Time Comes to Nick Jr!

Our family has LOVED the Signing Time video series since Christian was just a baby, and as an almost 3 year old, Christian knows all the songs and signs that go with them.

I was so excited to learn that Signing Time! music videos will now be on regular rotation on Nick Jr. (formerly known as Noggin). Nick Jr. will air the videos 1-2 times per day. Nick Jr. is home to Christian's favorite TV programs, which include Dora, Max and Ruby, and Little Bear. In between the shows, music videos from children's artists (such as Laurie Berkner, one of our favorites!) are shown in lieu of commercials. We're excited that Rachel, Leah, Alex and Hopkins are going to join the cast!

Here's one of Christian's favorite videos (be sure to disable the music on the player at the right of the screen)


leah said...

Totally awesome news! Nolan is a Signing Time addict. I hope the ST videos also make it over to Noggin (which is a Nick Jr. derived network).


AJ's Mom said...


YAY!! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm still trying to get AJ into them!


The Brights said...

Thanks for posting. This is the only channel on at our house...unless Daddy's home.

Prior to Tayten's interest is Noggin/Nick Jr, it was always Signing Time. We've watched them so many times, that I need to order replacements for some.

We watch Nick Jr every morning during breakfast and at 9 PM on Tuesdays and some weekends - Tayten is obsessed with the Upside Down Show. Hopefully signing time comes on at a decent hour. He will be very excited to see Rachel and the gang on his favorite channel.