Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking Care of Myself

One of the first things that I tell Moms who I meet that are early on in their child's hearing loss and Cochlear Implant journey is to remember to take care of themselves. I always suggest that they make time for things that make them happy and bring them a bit of peace. Unfortunately, I wasn't practicing what I preached, which left my family a huge GIANT BALL OF STRESS instead of a happy wife and fun Mommy. I found that I was an unhappy shell of who I used to be, only concerned with articulation testing, IEP meetings, equipment upgrades, and the constant, constant CONSTANT fights with insurance companies.

I finally joined a gym where there is CHILD CARE, and I've been loving the early morning work-outs and yoga classes. I decided to finally take a cake decorating class that I've been putting off and it starts next week. And, I'm planning on a HUGE craft room overhaul. I've been scrapbooking for close to 5 years now, and I need to weed out the old and organize my projects. I also have made it a point to see my girlfriends (without our kids!) at least once a week. I thrive when I'm with my girls. They make me laugh and take my mind off of the day to day craziness. I hope that by taking my own advice I can get back to the gal I (and Chuck) love.


tammy said...

Good for you Tina! I've always told other moms how important this is too and I too need to take my own advice! It is so easy for stay at home moms to get caught up in everything else but themself, especially since we're not thrown into a social network through a (paying) job everyday. I loved coming down to River because it was my social time with you and Kate. I truly miss that. I'm busy planning a "play room" for Aiden right now, but a craft room sounds like so much more fun!

MB said...

Totally agree! I have had the same things on my to do list. Am dying to learn how to use these cake decorating supplies I own (but have no clue what they are!) Am also debating if I pack up my scrapbooking stuff or if I try to catch up.

The thing I hate about going out with my friends lately is when all they talk about all night is their kids. Gah!! It kills me. Not all of them do it, but the majority do.