Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What are those "things"?

Ugh. This happens at least every three months, and every time it does, I am honestly amazed at how tacky some people are.

I had to take Christian up to our pediatrician's office this afternoon (at 3pm mind you, so I woke up both of the kids from their naps) to have ear wax removed. Yes, I know, gross. It was discovered that it was a bit of a problem by our school audiologist when she was starting a new ear mold impression for his aided ear.

In the waiting room of our very busy pediatrician office, I sat Christian down next to me with Lily smiling in her stroller. Christian was happy as can be, despite being woken from his nap, as I took his coat and hat off. Across from me was a couple with a sweet little baby, about 6 months. We exchanged smiles as Christian greeted everyone in the waiting room by shouting "Hello, Everyone! I'm going to be 3 years old!".

As I removed his hat and put it my purse, I looked up and immediately felt the stare. And then the woman sitting across from me with the little baby asked "What are those things on his head?". Now, the tone of her voice is what makes this so tacky. It wasn't sweet, nor curious. It was almost as if Christian's hearing aid and Cochlear Implant were offending her.

I could've asked her why she thought that wearing heavy black eyeliner in the afternoon was a good idea. Or, I could've asked what that shadow was above her lip (probably in need of wax). But, I didn't.

Instead, I gave my 30 second sound bite on Christian, the miracle of the Cochlear Implant, all with a smile. Christian put the finishing touch on the entire presentation as he told her that he "loves his CI when we listen to Dave Matthews in the car". She then pursed her lips, hopefully thinking of how completely rude she just was.

Almost on cue, our name was called, and while I was tempted to flip this tacky woman the bird, I just gave her another smile, and Christian started singing to his sister.


leah said...

Tina, you have so much grace and tact! I would have had a hard time not saying, "They're idiot detectors, and LOOK! They're going off right now!"

May you run into kinder people in the future. Hopefully that woman will keep her rudeness to herself from now on.

MB said...

I think it's time to come up with some very interesting answers for the next encounter. Perhaps start by saying he came here from the future, or his dad is from another planet.

Sebrina said...

I know all about people with rude comments..My daughter is vision impaired and people ignorant..I try to always smile as I explain but some times it is of luck!!