Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpacolypse: Part 2

We just don't get snow storms in DC. So, this past week when we were hit with our second HUGE storm of the winter (coined by locals here as Snowpocalypse). We got 30 inches here at our house, and have been snowed in since last Saturday. We haven't been plowed, so we are pretty much snowed in. The Federal Government has been closed now for 3 days. All schools have been cancelled. Many of our friends and neighbors are without power. The grocery stores have been completely looted. And now, to make matters worse, we're getting hammered with a forecasted 10-20 more inches of snow today. I am starting to get worried that Christian's birthday party with his friends and classmates on Friday (that we rescheduled from last Saturday) is now going to be cancelled.

We've done art projects, made cookies, cakes, and have completely destroyed the playroom. Thank goodness for our wonderful neighbors and my girlfriends here in our neighborhood....and red wine. With friends and red wine, I think I probably would have gone completely crazy. I'm just grumpy at the moment.

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leah said...

Just keep repeating: 37 days until spring... 37 days until spring...

Hopefully this will be the last big snowstorm of the season for you guys!