Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Little Talker and the BEST LANGUAGE MODEL EVER!

Lilybean is amazing me everyday with her language development! Here's a list of her words (with approximations) that she currently has at 15 months old:

Cookie (ook-eee)
Kitty (itt-ee)
Christian (ishh-en)
More (Muh)
Dog (Dah)
Birdie (Irr-Ee)
Elmo (e-mo)
Banana (Nnnna...sometimes ba-na)
Yogurt (Yog-ah)
Bagel (gah-gel)
Juice (Juuu)
Milk (Muhl)
Gotta Go (Gahta go)
Pee Pee

She also has animal sounds, including Meow, Woof, and my favorite, SHHHHHHHH (care of brother, that's the sound for Spiderman).

It is so interesting watching my hearing child develop and use her spoken language. I can just tell that Lily is going to be talking non-stop. I never would've thought that my profoundly deaf son would be a perfect language model for my hearing baby, but he is. And I am so thankful that both of my children can use their beautiful voices to play with one another everyday.

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leah said...

Way to go, sweet Lily! Talk it up!