Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Dear Christian,

Do you know how proud you make your Daddy and I? It's been one whole year since your CI was activated. You've amazed us in EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE WAY IMAGINABLE. First, you turned to your name. Then, little babbles came. After a while, you started using real words. And then came the sentences. And recently, you've been singing songs. Oh Christian, you've made us so proud.

I love the way your little voice sounds in the morning, the way you ask for your breakfast, or tell me about your books. I love when you ask me "What Else, Mommy?", when you're not happy with the snack I've given you. I love how you stop dead in your tracks, point to your ear, and ask us all "Did you hear that?", when the garbage truck goes by. Sometimes, you do this in your room. I have no idea how you hear it, but you do. I love the way you say your name, and how you call your sister "Baby Lily". I love how you get so excited and exclaim "I made that!" when you see a drawing on the wall. I love how you tell me all about your day at school, especially when you say things like "I went to the gym, Mommy! I played basketball". I love how you count EVERYTHING, even when you omit the number 6. I love how you sing along to the songs that I play in the car, especially the new Kelly Clarkston song. I love the way you sit right next to your baby sister, and start to sing her Twinkle Twinkle. I love it when you see a firetruck, that you automatically say "There's the FIRE ENGINE! WOO WOO WOO!". I love it when Daddy asks you if you are his main man, that you say "In the whole world".

Christian, I love hearing you say "I love you Mommy".

I am so glad that we can hear your beautiful voice, and I am so glad that you can hear us tell you every night before bath and your CI and hearing aid comes off that we love you so very much. It's hard to believe that there was a time, not too long ago, that we thought you would never speak. We thought you would never hear the birdies that you love to look at, or hear the sirens of the firetrucks that you love to play with. We thought you would never hear the music that we danced to. But now you do. You've exceeded all our expectations. You work SO hard to listen and speak. You've put up with a Mommy who takes you to therapy appointments instead of the park (but we always go to the park afterward), always with a smile. You're my superstar.

Christian, Daddy and I love you. You are our main man in the whole wide world. Happy 1st Hearing Birthday to my sweet boy, who has done nothing but amaze us in every single way.

Love always,

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