Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What We're Working on Tuesday-Using Our Chompers

We've noticed that even though Christian is a relatively good eater, he is also INCREDIBLY slow. While he doesn't have any texture issues or sensory issues with food, there are times where he has actually gagged on various proteins. At first we figured that he was just being a 3 year old, preferring to eat his fruit and carbs and skip the protein all together. But then, we've noticed and his teachers have pointed out that he is often observed using an immature chew, meaning he uses his front and side teeth instead of his back molars.

To wake up Christian's chompers, we're working on making him more aware of his back teeth. We're using toothbrushes before he eats to remind him what it actually FEELS like to have something in the back of his mouth. We have also have given him gum (GASP!) and have helped model how we use our back teeth

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