Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting to Know Our Nucleus 5!

MAPs were transferred yesterday by Christian's awesome school audiologist (who just HAPPENED to work at Cochlear Corp. prior to coming on board at the school) and Christian is officially a Nucleus 5 processor user! He really likes his new CI, and his teachers both in his class and throughout the school have been making a BIG deal out of his new equipment. Even his gym teacher slapped him 5 and told him he was "Looking Good" with his new CI. We've made such a big deal over him getting new equipment at home, and it's so nice that the school community has been supporting him too! Ah....I just love his school!

The biggest difference we notice right now is the actual size of his external processor. The 5 is SO MUCH smaller than the Freedom and fits much more flush up against his ear. It is also a bit of a sleeker design. I've been describing it to my girlfriends as a bit "iPod looking".  I can't believe how incredibly light it is compared to the Freedom!

One of the coolest features that we're learning about is the 5's remote control. It looks like an iPod shuffle, but has the capability to pretty much manage anything and everything with Christian's CI. The 5 gives the user much more control over their CI than ever before. We were able to adjust everything from alert lights and sounds. I have to admit, the remote is most likely staying at home most's one more thing for me to lose in my ever changing handbag rotation!

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