Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tubes for Lily Bean

Lily had tubes placed in both her ears on Tuesday, giving us hope that we'll finally break the constant and chronic cycle of ear infection after infection since November. Poor thing has had 9 ear infections since November 1st. 9. And she has been on some form of antibiotic for 2.5 weeks out of every month since November.

The surgery was a success, although an overtired and slightly flakey Mommy gave her apple juice 2 hours before the surgery and completely bumped her another 2 hours later as we waited for her to get it out of her system. It probably wasn't that great of an idea to have the surgery scheduled 2 days after we got back from brain obviously was still in North Carolina. By the time I went and got myself a cup of coffee, the surgery was over and doctors said she did just fine. Coming out of the anesthesia is a completely other story. We are STILL feeling the ramifications of it today. Let's just say she is going to be one lousy drunk in college---baby girl was ANGRY. And for the past two days, she's been grumpy, hardly sleeping and irritable.  Her nap today gave me some hope, as it was her usual 1-3pm rest, without much disruption. I'm looking forward to taking her to her to Georgetown Cupcake, her favorite spot and using the gift card that her Nana and Papa sent her when she feels better!

Christian was the concerned big brother, asking if she was going to the hospital where he got his CI put in, wondering what type of popsicle she got to have, and telling her that she "Is doing such a good job" when we are putting her antibiotics in.


EmmaVerdona124 said...

awwwww Christan is such a big brother to Lily! he should be pround of it!

you are probaly lucky to have a sweet guy like him :D

leah said...

Thank goodness the tube surgery is done and the infection cycle can be broken! Tubes are really needed by some kids to keep those infections at bay, and with nine (NINE!) ear infections, poor Lily has had a lot of trouble!