Thursday, August 12, 2010


They say you have a friend for every purpose, and the older I get, the more and more I realize this truly is the case. Some friends are there for the comic relief. Others are oldies, but goodies, where no explanation is needed, you just can "be". Some are there to give you a reality check, others are there to help you dream. Some are there to laugh with you. Others are there to laugh at you. Some have seen you only at your best, some only at your worst, and some have seen you at your best and worst at the same time. I am lucky. I have an amazing bouquet of friends who enrich my life in so many beautiful ways.

And then there are the friends who also have a deaf kid who wears Cochlear Implants.

Sometimes we talk about "deaf" stuff, other times we just laugh and watch our kids play. The binding thread though is that they just GET IT. When you look at these friends, you know they've had the same pits in their stomach, they've celebrated the same milestones, and also grieved something so complicated yet so basic. The same sacrifices have been made, family stories have been rewritten, and journeys have taken different roads than planned. These friendships are so very important to me. These beautiful women keep me sane, they keep me grounded, and they remind me just by their smiles when they replace a coil or check a battery that I am not alone.

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