Friday, September 10, 2010

Back To School

First Day and Handsome as EVER!
Sending Brother Off in PJs!
Christian had a great first week back to school. I think I've had a harder time adjusting to the new full-day schedule than he has. While he's come home a bit tired (8:30am to 3pm is a long day even for a Mommy!), he's honestly been all smiles about school. I've heard lots about his old friends, especially how they have now moved on from playing Spiderman on their "new big kid playground" to Star Wars Guys. I've also learned that Christian has a new friend. He reports that "Her name is Chloe and she wears ballerina shoes. She is the Girl (prounouced Guh-rl, and I won't correct him because I LOVE IT!) Storm Trooper, and Lacy and I are the Boy Storm Troopers". 

It is so nice to be back at "home" in our school community. I just get the warm fuzzies walking in there, knowing that every single person there truly cares about Christian. He loves his friends, both old and a new. He adores his new teachers, especially Mrs. Elliott, who he tells me "Has a really pretty smile and curly hair". I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful year.

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