Monday, November 29, 2010


We had a relatively low-key Thanksgiving holiday which was absolutely wonderful. We hosted a small gathering here, the kids loved their turkey dinner, and the holiday was stress-free. It was exactly what we needed! Christian reminded us that he was "Thankful for Timmy and Lucas" (his big kid neighbors) and Lily cracked us up saying "Gobble Gobble" for most of the dinner.

I was the crazy Mom who braved Toys R Us at 10pm Thanksgiving night with a good friend of mine who is also a crazy Mom. The line to our local Toys R Us was wrapped around the entire SHOPPING CENTER! Santa's sleigh is now completely full, and after heading to the Disney Store at 6:30am the following morning, the shopping for the kids is DONE!

This Thanksgiving we had much to be thankful for. Our family is so blessed. We are healthy. We are happy. And as always, we are thankful that everyday we can witness the miracle of the Cochlear Implant. Christian is doing simply amazing.

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