Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've had a hard couple of days.

I've started to realize that at times I am too hard on my sweet boy. That I expect WAY too much. That I forget that he is not 14, or 10, or 6, or even 4...yet. He's still 3. I put pressure on him to perform past what his little body can. He's so big, and I forget that he's not in 2nd Grade, he's not even in a true Pre-K class yet. He still sleeps with a blankie and his Tigger. He works harder than any other kid I know every day just to be able to PLAY AND LISTEN in his class. So why do I at times expect him to be so grown up?

He's bigger than most kids his age. He's the youngest in his class. He's articulate. He's extremely intelligent. I forget that he's just 3. He wears the same size clothes that most Kindergarteners wear. But he's just 3.

Tonight I laid on the floor next to him as his Dad read his story. He was wearing PJs with a brown bear that said "Bearly Sleepy". I held him tight, and just as I was praying that I find some grace and peace within myself, he squeezed my hand 3 times, which is our secret code that we use for "I LOVE YOU".

He's just 3. He's still my baby.

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leah said...

I do the same thing with Matt- sometimes we forget that he isn't 12, and get frustrated because of his behavior. I have to stop, breathe, and remember that he is only. four. years. old.

Sometimes I think it is harder with kiddos that are bright, because they speak and think at an older age level, but they still behave at the level of their chronological age.

You're doing an awesome job, by the way. It can be so hard to balance the "pushing" with the "letting be!"