Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Snippet

When Christian received related services at his school he would be sent home with very detailed logs weekly showing his progress in relation to his IEP goals. In addition to tracking articulation and Ling 6 Sound Checks, little snippets of conversations would show up. I LOVED reading them. We're off of related services this year (I'm STILL in awe of how wonderful he is doing!), but his in class SLP sent me an email this week with little glimpse of what goes on in the classroom:

2010 School Picture!
I had such a sweet conversation with Christian this morning that I had to share with you!  A friend of Christian's said to me, "Why does Christian have a CI and a hearing aid, but I have two hearing aids?"  I explained that CIs and hearing aids both help kids to hear... and Christian said, "I can hear thunder, and my dad's voice, and when my mom talks to me, and when my dad reads me a story!"  Then his friend said to him, "and you can hear possums too!" (gotta love kids- apparently she recently read a book about possums)... then Christian and his friend went on to discuss their guesses of the types of noises possums can make- Christian said confidently that possums says, "squak!"... it was so cute and funny to overhear!

I hope that my sweet and smart boy will always be with educators who support and celebrate him. I hope that he will always have peers who understand him and who he can identify with. Most importantly, I hope that he will always be this confident and proud of his magic ears. 

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leah said...

Tina- he looks SO grown up in his school picture. Yikes! They change from toddlers to small boys in an instant, I suppose. I love the honesty and simplicity small children bring to things. Three hoorays for "magic ears!"