Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm already having one of those weeks where I'm feeling suffocated by my schedule. Christian's birthday on Thursday, my parents come in on Friday, family birthday party here on Saturday and on Monday I'm hosting my women's group for our monthly meeting. I'm going to apologize in advance to everyone who will be in and out of my house this weekend for the condition of my house.

2. I've never see more camouflage jackets and guys with fishing hooks on their hats that at the Monster Jam show on Saturday. It was a totally different cultural experience...sorta like when you ride the Small World ride at Disney World and it all looks cool from far away but when you get close the puppets freak you out.

3. Christian also had his friend birthday party on Sunday at My Gym and had a blast. What an awesome place for a preschool birthday party. They did everything and I was actually able to enjoy partying with my birthday boy. Sure beats running party games and cooking for 35. Oh wait, I'll be doing that this Saturday for their joint family and close friend party.

4. Target once again proves to be my GO-TO place to find deaf adults to connect with. Just today I spotted a nice lady with a Nucleus Freedom and of course felt the need to go up, introduce myself, and gush about how amazing it all is and how awesome my kid is. She was so sweet...and we both like the same Greek Yogurt. Hooray for our Target carrying groceries now!

5. In more grocery news, I feel very suburban saying this, but I am super stoked for our NEW WHOLE FOODS to open in April! Luckily, I'm already sandwiched in between 2 great WF stores, so no matter if I'm going uptown or downtown, I can get my groceries. This one is going to be smack dab in the middle of both and only about 3 minutes from my house. Hooray for easily accessible Quinoa!

6. February is my month of concerts! Let the countdown begin to Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi!

7. After all this snow and ice I'm already thinking spring. I can't wait to get my hands on these and this adorable dress!

8. My parents come into town on Friday! I can't wait to have my Mom and Dad here. Mom will get the kids in the morning, Dad will make the coffee, and we're sure to have lots and lots of laughs and wine together. Hurry up and get here guys!

9. My stylist (and dear friend) just gave me the most beautiful color this past week. It's a buttery, carmely, blonde look with an insane amount of shine. Again, I'm thinking Spring.

10. Lily's new word of the week is "Delicious", and it actually sounds like it should. Love that little voice!

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