Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Gone are the days of having a TEN page IEP with my little boy. Last week I signed off on 1/2 page document. How far we've come...

2. It's official. We WILL be returning back to his current school for his last year of preschool next year.

3. The weather seems to have FINALLY broke here in the DC area. Which means I have been on a mad dash of forcing Christian to try on his clothes from last summer to see if they still fit. Poor kid told me this morning "Mom, these are sorta tight on my hiney". Anyone have a coupon code for Crewcuts?

4. I'm always amazed at how much clothes my kids accumulate a season. And they are adorable. How awesome would it be to get a new wardrobe twice a year?

5. It's 80 something degrees, there are NO bugs out yet, the kids are playing on the front lawn, and I'm having a glass of wine. Talk about a nice stress relief...

6. Easter weekend was wonderful. We spent the weekend with my college roommate and her husband and our best friends and their family. I missed my family like crazy, but it was nice to be surrounded by our "family of friends".

7. Lily enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt so much that she actually consumed all of her loot before we got home. She was on a sugar high all day Sunday and Monday, and is now crashing.

8. The Easter Bunny brought Christian his first set of hockey sticks, and he is OBSESSED with them. We've converted our soccer goal into a hockey goal, and he has 2 skinned knees to prove he's been playing non-stop.

9. I'm obsessed with the Royal Wedding. I actually watched the Lifetime movie Will and Kate. I cried at the end. What's wrong with me?

10. These past two weeks I have been reminded just how precious life is. Two of my friends lost their children, one via a full-term still birth and the other's strong little boy lost his 3 year fight with brain cancer.

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Drew's Mom said...

#9: Ditto! I laughed out loud reading this. I actually watched that movie on Sunday night and cried at the end to. Ahh, to become a princess.