Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Blogger has been giving me a headache, going on and offline for 2 days now. Seriously, what IS the deal?

2. This past weekend was a blast. Started off on Thursday night at DC's best Indian restaurant with the girls. We sat at the table next to Chef Spike while celebrating Nat's birthday. Made our way to what I think is DC's best Mexican restaurant right around the corner for margaritas. It was a much needed night out with the girls.

3. However, I learned that Indian food and Margaritas don't pair well together. What a headache on Friday night. Oy.

4. Saturday night I became a hipster. We headed down to fashionable H. Street for some beer and brats with good friends. We ended up in a bar that I wasn't cool enough to be in by the end of the night. Another headache, but it was worth it.

5. And on Sunday, we attended the Potomac Hunt Races with the kids. We had a blast. The weather was gorgeous. We spent the day with dear friends and their families. Once again, another headache induced by Skinnygirl Margarita. But it was worth it.

6. It's now Tuesday, and I'm detoxing. I'm working my tail off with my clients, and trying to juggle some insurance drama (ISN'T THERE ALWAYS DRAMA), all the while planning a bridal shower totally on my own for my sister-in-law that will be held at my house on Sunday. I'm preparing for another headache.

7. I'm missing my Grandmother today. My Nini passed away 8 years ago and today is her birthday. She was lovely. She was beautiful. She made all of us grandkids feel so special. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She taught me determination, perseverance, but most of all, she taught me confidence. I've never met a woman more confidant than my Nini.

8. I'm also missing my brother today. Tomorrow is his birthday and I would give anything to share a piece of Mom's cake with him tomorrow and have a beer with him. I know he's been celebrating all week (as he ALWAYS does!).

9. Christian took the bet book from the horseraces to show and tell yesterday at school. How awesome is that?

10. I'm sitting on my front porch watching them pretend that they are "AJ-The Neighborhood Ice Cream Man". I love watching my kids play together. I just hate breaking up the fights.

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