Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. After the long weekend, I'm still a day behind and thought pretty much all day that today was Monday. That's what happens when you spend a weekend with your dearest friends on The Chesapeake Bay drinking mojitos, floating in salt water pools, chasing kids, and picking crabs all weekend long. Yes, we had an AWESOME but tiring weekend.

2. Saturday night while the guys stayed up way too late playing Corn Hole and drinking beer, Christian, Lily, and myself bunked up with Aunt Alison and Justin. We were tired after playing in The Bay and pool all day. Christian had one of "those nights" screaming out, waking up all the girls as we're such light sleepers. I swear I was up every 20 minutes comforting him.

3. Sunday was spent at another dear friend's Bay House picking crabs and playing in the pool, where we learned Lily has no fear. She's going to be the one I'm going to need to worry about.

4. Despite the swim lessons, Christian is still a bit fearful in the water. I know it's going to take time. I just wish I could help him not be so scared.

5. Christian started camp today at one of our local nature centers. He spent the morning with some buddies from the neighborhood walking streams, finding bugs, and playing tag. I am SO happy that we are out of our routine of school and finding some peace this summer.

6. I went to the gym for the first time in 1.5 weeks today and I am feeling it. Do you ever feel that your body is just changing and you're getting old? I'm feeling it today.

7. The gym is paying off...I wore a bikini this weekend, and while I can never fix what 2 C-Sections did to my mid-section, my legs are showing my hours and hours of Step Aerobics, Yoga, and Pilates. Yay!

8. Christian has started a new "thing" lately. He's sticking his fingers in his mouth. It's weird. He's never been a finger or thumb sucker. What's this all about at 4.5 years old?

9. Lily's new thing is yelling at me when I ask her to not do something. It usually comes out as "No, bad Mommy". Just pour me another cocktail.

10. I'm looking for some beach reads as we get ready for our 1st beach vacation for the season. Send me your recommendations!


leah said...

Matt and Nolan are the same way about swimming. Matt is really afraid of the water (though he is finally making a little progress at 5 1/2) and Nolan is absolutely fearless. Maybe those first-borns are just a little more cautious, lol!

Summer is just so wonderful. I saw someone recommend The Dry Grass of August (by Anna Mayhew). I'll have to pick it up for a summer read (I liked the Help, and this one is supposed to be along similar lines).

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Thanks Leah for the recommendations!

JMF said...

As you know, Caroline has also had a fear of the water - well at least, putting her head under. She is doing Mini-Monsters pre-team at our pool, which is just glorified swimming lessons, but the positive peer pressure is really helping. She has a half year on Christian, but maybe that would be a good thing to think about for next Summer at your pool!

As for reads, you must pick up "Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me." It's written by her co-workers, family, and friends, and is hilariously mindless - perfect for the beach! Hope we can get together for cocktails soon - I miss you, friend!!! XO