Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

How cute is this picture of my Dad, Brother and Christian?! Love it!
1. After a crazy busy week after our vacation, I was treated to a spa afternoon at Red Door on Sunday. All I have to say is AHHH....I had an amazing Oxygen Facial to remove all the "congestion" that has built up during these hot and sticky summer months. I left glowing and for the first time in months, I actually looked well rested.

2. Christian is in Vacation Bible School this week with his buddies. He LOVED it last year, and I can't wait to hear the songs he learns. He told me this morning that "God is so good!"

3. It's raining babies right now. In the past month, 4 of my friends and one cousin have given birth, one of my dear friends adoptions finalized and they have their baby, and another one of my closest girlfriends is eagerly awaiting the birth of her adopted baby. Christian is right. God is SO good!

4. We're spending a lot of time trying to find games that don't involve an intense amount of screaming and yelling. It's not that they are fighting---they are just LOUD. Lily has this new scream that could seriously shatter my Waterford.

5. I feel bad for my little girl. This week the Binkie Fairy came and gave all her binkies to the little babies that needed them (I actually put about 17 in my underwear drawer) and left Lily a special prize in her bed. Lily Grace LOVES her binkies. She loves sleeping with 3---one in her mouth, and one in each hand. They soothed her, and we were at the point where she really only wanted them in her bed. But, it was time to go. We're on Day 2 and I'm listening to her scream "MY BINK! MY BINK!" from her bed. Ugh. Tell me again why I am doing this to her? Her speech is fine, her teeth are fine....why am I rushing her to grow up?

6. I FINALLY got a new phone yesterday and am loving my iPhone already. I went from Blackberry to a Droid and thought I would never give it up. Well, after 4 replacement phones, enough was enough.

7. Why does it seem that technology always seems to fail together? Not that their related, but our flat screen in the kitchen just blew up. I'm missing it already. I listen to the news while I make the kids their lunch and have it during naps. I'm so frustrated!

8. The countdown has begun to Chuck's sister's wedding in 3 weeks. Christian is the ring bearer and is practicing his walk. He is taking his job VERY seriously.

9. I need new lunch suggestions for myself--I'm not a sandwich type of girl, and I usually just eat a salad or yogurt. I'm in a rut. Help!

10. Do you ever wonder about the girls at the gym who go in FULL make-up? If even a smidge of mascara gets in my eye it burns. What do those chicks do when their sweat is running all that eye makeup in their eye?

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