Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sibling Love.

I hope they always take care of one another the way they do right now.

Christian is the ever-present big brother...but he's not overbearing. He's patient. He's kind. He's sweet. He still takes care of Lily like she's still his "baby". He doesn't mind playing with her dollhouse, and willingly lets her play with his Monster Trucks and Legos. Of course during those moments of frustration, he ALWAYS gives her what she wants. It's usually followed with a little "Beany, you are my little sister, so I will give you this. But sometime soon you need to learn to wait your turn".

He still calls her Beany. And I love it more everytime he does.

Lily is the ever-present little sister...and totally tries to run the show. She's sassy. She's sweet. She's so gosh darn cute. She has this smile that literally lights up the room, and at any moment makes her Big Brother laugh and giggle. She is a clown, often making up elaborate "stories" for them to play together. I walked into them playing "family", and Lily was the Mommy and Christian was the Big Brother. She was telling him to "Please put away your lunchbox, ok!". She used to call him "Cri-Cri". She finally can say "Christian" with no problem. But she always greets him in the morning with a "Oh, good morning BRU-DER".

I love it. I love them together.


Melanie said...

My kids are very sweet with each other and I just love it. It is a miracle that all three of them can communicate the EXACT same way. It is so easy now. I will never take it for granted.

jenn said...

so sweet :) and ps - some of her expressions look exactly like you! :) xoxo

tammy said...