Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still Breathing.

I just looked at the calendar today and realized that in a few short weeks I'll have a 3 year old and a 5 year old under my roof. It's been a while since baby toys were out. Lily's been potty trained for almost 9 months now. Christian's trucks and cars have been replaced by Lego Ninjago and more Star Wars guys multiply as the days go by.

My Lily is tall---in the 98th percentile, just like her brother, for height but just the 50th for weight. She looks more like an almost 4 year old than an almost 3 year old. And she sure sounds like an almost 5 year old. Her speech and language honestly amazes EVERYONE. Full of spunk and personality, Chuck says she is "Little Tina". Especially when she demands more chocolate and pink hair bows.  She is no longer my baby (even though she  still is addicted to her binkie while sleeping). Her play has morphed quickly into imaginative and creative, often involving elaborate stories about her girlfriends from school, her Bitty Baby, or her dozens and dozens of Barbie dolls and princesses. She's a ballet princess, going once a week to a beginning class, learning the basic positions with her 5 besties. She loves our family kitty, calling her "My Sammy Cat". Lilybean loves her manicures. She loves all things GIRLIE.

Christian is tall too....but he's thinned out, and I call him my little green bean. Finding long enough jeans that won't fall off of him is a challenge. If it was up to him, he'd wear his favorite tie-dyed shirt to school everyday. Or anything sports related. My almost 5 year old is obsessed with sports. ALL THINGS SPORTS. He has a particular passion for lacrosse, but also shares in his Daddy's fervor for the 'skins and Georgia Tech. Christian is in the very early stages of reading, often recognizing words and letters. He loves books, and I often find him quietly reading on his bed his favorite shark book. Christian's at that in-between stage of still loving Lightening McQueen, but wanting to shoot his Nerf Gun with the bigger neighborhood kids. Some days, he's old. He says things like "Mom, that is so weird", but then will ask me to find his Tigger so he can snuggle with it. I feel as if he is straddling the jump from little boy to little dude.

Our IEP is done, and I finally can get back to writing on here more candor. It took EVERYTHING out of me, and while successful, it is just overwhelming. I am thankful that I have a myriad of supporters from our current school, as well as my dear friends Sarah and Jenny who have unique educational and personal perspectives on Christian's journey. I'm thankful it's over. For now.

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Ben's Mom said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Tina. Congratulations on a successful IEP process. The subject of an FM had recently come up with us, too, and your perspective is so helpful to hear. I know Christian will continue to do amazing things!!