Friday, February 17, 2012

Here We Go Again

If I didn't have to go into my client's office this morning, I totally would be putting a heavy splash of Bailey's in my coffee.

So, we're exploring implanting Christian's left ear. We've been watching that ear carefully, and while his audiogram has only changed a bit, his speech perception in that ear has. To put it in perspective, Christian is at 96% in his CI ear, and only in the high 20s in his hearing aid ear. He's doing great as a bimodal kid, but we always are working on maximizing the use of both of his ears. We know he works hard to listen with his CI, and even harder with hearing aid.

And so here we go again. Our school is going to work with Hopkins in a collaboratively and we're just keeping an open mind.


dlefler said...

Oh, thinking of you guys - praying for wisdom for the best decisions that can be made. Sending you hugs!

Jen said...

Hey - I've checked in on your blog from time to time but never posted. But, seeing this I thought I would let you know that we chose a 2nd implant for my daughter at age 5 (1st implant was at 15 months old). She had worn her hearing aid in the unimplanted ear the entire time with good results, but at about 4 1/2 years old it seemed that she was not getting much useful information from the aided ear anymore. She is now about 9 months out from the 2nd surgery and hears very well with the 2nd implant. She does really prefer her first implant and it's been a struggle some days to get her to wear the 2nd one, but it is overall going well.

It was a tough decision, but I think it was the right one. She is mainstreamed in kindergarten at our local public school and is doing great!

If you'd like to contact me I'd be happy to give you more details!