Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing Peace.

Is there anything sweeter than seeing the eyes of a Mom light up when her deaf baby repeats a Ling Sound?

I had an opportunity to spend some time at our school's Parent Infant Program last week chatting with parents, playing with some adorable babies and toddlers, and showing off my little dude. Christian and his buddy Nora (who also has a hearing loss) came in half way through to play with the kiddos. Parents asked him questions, and teared up as he explained all about lacrosse, Monster Trucks and his sister. My heart was full of love and joy knowing Christian was bringing some peace to parents whose hearts are full of uncertainty. I

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tammy said...

your sweet little dude has brought me so much peace in the past and continues to do so. you both make me smile, which I'm sure you both did to so many parents that day too. miss you all! xoxo