Thursday, March 1, 2012


If I've learned anything over these past 5 years of being a Mom, it's that even if I want to be fully in control, I can't. Just when you think you have your baby's routine down pat, a growth spurt happens. Sleeping through the night becomes a challenge again. One day they decide they love squash, so you go ahead and buy 15 pounds of it at Whole Foods, spend all night pureeing it and the next day they spit it out. And you are stuck with a freezer full of squash. The vats of butternut squash soup that my family ate for weeks on end WAS one of those annoying teaching moments even if I just wanted to be annoyed about it. The infamous squash incident that my girlfriends still make fun of me about was just one of those little moments that I learned to just go with the flow.

So here I am going with the flow. We've decided to give Christian another Cochlear Implant. Going bilateral is a big change for him. It's a big change of our family. We're excited, nervous, and anxious. We're worried that our little dude who SO loves music may lose a bit of that with two CIs. He's still so little, and the surgery I know WILL be scary to him. If you asked me in November if I thought we would be at this point, I would've said no. Things change. I've just got to go with the flow.


dlefler said...

Sending you hugs and prayers, Tina, and thinking of you guys. Becoming a parent certainly does teach us flexibility.

I hope the new ear gives him better hearing - xoxo

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Thanks Leah! Xoxo

Val said...

you will notice such a difference, first in the car, where you'll be amazed you are facing completely forward and listening to the radio at the same time you asked him a question only to have him answer it and you will cry...then you'll be at home, completely unaware that the your husband is about to knock on a window and C will hear it and turn before you even figure out what just happened....Congrats, and xoxoxoxoxox