Friday, March 9, 2012

Wanted: Peace and Quiet

Did you know that we are by far the loudest house in all of our neighborhood between 6:30 and 7:30pm each and every day? It's when my kids are in the bath. Between my deaf boy screaming every word he speaks since his CI is off, and my hearing girl trying to talk over him...well, it's just crazy. I'm typing this as I hear the words "PEE" and "SILLY" being screamed by my son and daughter. I'm hiding in the kitchen drinking Petite Syrah. For the moment.

I need some peace and quiet. We've had contractors here for weeks on end to work on the basement. Today it was the flooring folks, one of which eerily reminded me of this guy.  I just want my peaceful house back. 

My brain is even loud. It's constantly yelling at me with all we have going on, with our impending CI surgery sometime in May (YES, MAY) at the forefront. I've fired off countless emails and have our team at Christian's school advocating for an earlier surgery so we can activate him as soon as possible. Our surgeon knows the urgency, but we just can't make room in a surgical schedule that doesn't exist. I want this surgery done like yesterday so we can maximize Christian's time at his school with rehab. Is it bad that I'm hoping that just like our first surgery we get bumped up do to another patient missing their appointment? 

I'm thankful that I married the strong yet silent type. I relish in his quiet demeanor. Times like these I just like to sit and hold his hand and enjoy our silence. 

Until a kid calls us, which they always always do.


jam4 said...

My grandchild has CIs too. She also signs. Never that loud at bath time here.

jam4 said...

My grandchild has CIs. She signs. Doesn't need to shout. You can hear how well she talks too. The signing has not hurt her speech one bit. Hope your kiddos sign or learn to.