Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Letter To Christian Version 2.0

I wrote a letter 4 years ago to Christian  the night before we took him to Hopkins for his first Cochlear Implant.  Tomorrow morning we're going bilateral. Tomorrow morning life is going to change.

Dear Christian,

My Ninjago, Monster Truck, Ninendo DS lovin' boy, I just adore you. You are smart. You are inquisitive. You are silly. You are sweet. You are amazing. And you are just perfect. My little sports nut, you know more about the Washington Capitals and the Redskins than most big kids. You are our very own Karate Kid too! My loving big brother, you are the best friend Lily could ever have. Christian, I adore you. Daddy adores you. Lily REALLY adores you.

Tomorrow you're getting another CI, but you already know that. We've done lots to prepare and you've asked lots of questions. Your friends, family and your whole school are so excited for you. You are excited too. You are brave....really brave. You want me to take pictures of you with your bandages so you can show your friends in your class how cool you look.  Sometimes you seem so much older than you are and I have to remember that you are just my little dude, not even in Kindergarten. I guess that's because you've been through so much and you've had to grow up in some ways a little bit faster than most kids.

Tomorrow when you get your CI, the days of us constantly wondering what is going on with your left ear will be gone. I'm not going to constantly be asking you "Hey dude, is your ear working? Can you hear me?"  Anything that we can do to make your tricky life a bit easier, we are going to do it.  Getting your other implanted right now made sense for you, for our family and for the world you live in.

Daddy and I are a bit nervous, but we know we made the right decision for you. Our goal is to give you EVERY OPPORTUNITY that we can. You give us the best, and we want to give you the best.

Love you sweetheart. You are our everything. Daddy, Lily and I are just in awe of every sentence you speak, every song you sing, and every word you read.

With all our love!
Mommy and Daddy

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